genius:group is looking for individuals with exceptional talent and outstanding collaboration skills to join our team.


For Researchers

As a research analyst at genius:group, you will work with established tools and platfiorms to investigate markets, consumers, products and services that underpin the business plans for genius:labs. We need resourceful, creative thinkers with the analytical and communication skills to present ideas thoughtfully and clearly. If you have experience in advanced analytics, business intelligence, or supply-chain management consulting, we'd love to talk to you. Send your resume' and cover letter to


For Web Designers

We need designers who can translate business models and consumer needs into engaging web experiences. Particular requirements include:

• Designers with great aesthetic sense and the ability to exercise a fine-tuned CSS/HTML touch
• Great customer facing skills and communication ability.
• Command of Adobe Creative Suite 
• A great portfolio of winning designs

If you are interested, please send your book and cover letter to

For Developers

As a Developer at genius:group, you will work with proven tools, clear objectives and a team of highly motivated, interested problem-solvers.  We're looking for demonstrated aptitude and experience, combined with the hunger to pioneer new products and best in class consumer experiences. Specific development talent needs include:

• Languages: Ruby on Rails, Java, Scala, PHP.
• Platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.
• Expertise in security, hardware, firmware and cloud services development.

If you are interested, please send your resume, cover letter, and your github or live projects to